Iraq and the Cham of the Islamic State (ISIS) | TakeshiSakuragi | note

Suicide volunteers of Nusura front to wait for that time - VICE I do not think even be described. The ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham) has attracted attention in Japan, I think that since has been renamed to the Islamic countries (Islamic State). 0 years, who is the Japanese Yukawa Harukana has been bound by the IS. Then,, who Kenji Goto is a journalist has been kidnapped. ISIS of birth The emergence of ISIS is not a Syrian origin. 00 around the birth tissue, derived from al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), changed the name of the organization, even though it is dying of state is a period of time to decline, was revived in the wake of the popular uprising of Syria organization is. They will be around 0 years was beginning to show a presence in Syria. Books about ISIS has published dozens of books. If passed there to the eye, this established organization is in what kind of process, why in Syria or were able to expand the force up to about this, and after the renamed IS, invited the intervention of major powers, while declining the force also, I think what caused the how much of the crustal movement in Syria situation itself can be understood.

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