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Suicide volunteers of Nusura front to wait for that time - VICE In relation to ISIS Japanese murder kidnapping, how to see IISIS, whether Japan is It should be addressed, it seems to be parting opinions in the left-wing and liberal within. The situation in the Middle East is Rube Goldberg, moreover in religion not familiar to Japanese people that Islam, you will not know more and more. It is a long sentence, but the two ideas you think that would be typical or less, consider. () Comparison with the Vietnam War First, the left-wing and liberal of the old story in order to understand the feelings]. The old days of the Vietnam War era, Viet Cong = South Vietnam Liberation Front, as of now of Islamic extremists, from the United States and the mainstream media, had been treated as barbaric extremists. [US military came the Viet Cong After administration of the vaccine to children of Vietnam of the village of illness, cut off all arms of the children] had plausibly reportedly (Coppola [Apocalypse Now]) . But at that time, many of the Japanese, they believe that a hoax, I was rooting for Viet Cong = South Vietnam Liberation Front and North Vietnam aimed at national independence.

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