Whereabouts? Iwagami of the situation in the Middle East and the ...

Suicide volunteers of Nusura front to wait for that time - VICE Enter the month in the northern Iraq, ISIS and (Iraq Syria Islamic countries) and rise rapidly armed organization of Sunni called, after placing under the control of the city in the north, is reportedly closing in on the southern part of the capital Baghdad there. The response to the ISIS of movement, and the United States was in the hostile relationship to this and Iran, it has also occurred unusual situation that hold consultations with respect to the situation in Iraq. Month, Yasumi Iwakami interviews Naito Masanori Doshisha University Graduate School professor who specializes in international relations of the Middle East. Naito Professor, said ISIS of origin and the actual situation, for the presence of the United States and Russia to further complicate the situation in the Middle East to be complicated. In addition, to exercise the right of collective self-defense, if Japan has dispatched the Self-Defense Forces in the Middle East, also refer to the is expected to what kind of reaction from local, is the assumption that mine clearance activities in the Middle East due to the exercise tolerate faction, reality was pointed out that those gender of the poor.

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