What is [Islamic State]? The situation in Iraq is's hard! ...

Suicide volunteers of Nusura front to wait for that time - VICE Government forces and continue to battle militants in Iraq [Iraq Syria Islamic State (ISIS)], has declared the span in neighboring Syria [Islamic State] established. There is no one in the international is recognized only by arbitrarily declaration, Iraq has fallen into a crisis of the division. ISIS is to is [anti-Western anti-Shiite] extremist organizations hostile to democracy under the banner, and Iraq is also a leading position in the oil-producing countries, a large influence is Oyobi in the world. Today will learn about the situation surrounding Iraq. The pick up today, the international face of the (plane 0) is [ "Islamic State" terrorist hotbed in / ISIS is established declaration / anti-Western anti-Shiite Vivid. The contents of the article --ISIS has declared the establishment of the caliphate Islamic countries]. Spokesman said in a statement to the [God is law and justice that defines is fully executed. In Mosul in northern Iraq, sweep and criminal law of corruption been announced [City Charter] was stated to be based on Islamic law.

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