Middle East division control of the protagonist change - Sakai Tanaka

Suicide volunteers of Nusura front to wait for that time - VICE This article is a continuation of [Iran's rise and the Middle East politics of the whereabouts]. Such as the first of the city of Mosul in Iraq, extremists armed organization that occupied the Sunni areas of western Iraq [Iraq and the Levant of the Islamic State] is, after the fall of Mosul on day 0 month, had been poised to march to Baghdad , then almost stop the movement of Baghdad capture, and attack Iraq western versus Syria, the pair Jordan border instead. To date, Iraq and is the only border crossing of Jordan, Turaibiru checkpoints in the desert (the Iraqi side of the) has been deprived of the ISIS. (ISIS Seizes Iraq's Lone Border Crossing With Jordan) At the same time ISIS has fallen one after another also Iraq and Syria border crossing, one of the checkpoints between the two countries, but the most northern of the checkpoints that Kurds are managed, all fell into the hands of ISIS. These checkpoints are located in the middle of the vast desert, because some of the town entered the Iraqi side from the checkpoints had already fallen to ISIS hand, the fall of the border crossing was only a matter of time.

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