[Photo Feature] ISIS brutality to destroy the history of the Middle ...

Suicide volunteers of Nusura front to wait for that time - VICE ISIS (self-styled Islamic State, also known as ISIL) again the world to barbarism of is shocked. Last month in the ancient ruins of Palmyra in the Syrian center, ISIS is blowing up one after another the Barushamin Temple and the Temple of Bel of the central building, was destroyed. To image the ISIS has been published on the net, how or where the person seen with the combatants bring in explosives to Barushamin temple, how the temple is shrouded in black smoke of the blast, further temple after the destruction to the rubble of mountain transfiguration and how was had been photographed. ISIS is doing the destruction of the ruins as [prohibiting idol worship] in controlled areas. Palmyra is a caravan city of the ancient Silk Road flourished in the century BC - AD century, has been registered as a World Heritage Site. Since conquered ISIS is a month this year, the protection of the ruins has been threatened. The ISIS last month, killing a prominent archaeologist Haredoasado who has been hit in many years Palmyra of protection activities.

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