The Islamic countries of the secret of success in life to snuggle ...

Suicide volunteers of Nusura front to wait for that time - VICE Voice statement is considered to be due to the Islamic countries of Abu Bakr bug Dah Dee leaders the day, was delivered through one Furukan public relations production mechanism of the public relations department of the organization. In this regard, CNN (Arabic version, month date) is, as the story of the US Department of Defense officials, the statement was told something by the real voice of the person. The Bagudadi Mr. appearing in the media, but video video distribution since a half months the first time of 0 years 0 days. Overview of the voice statement With reference to the first chapter (chapter of Kaishun) passage of the 0 section of the Koran [Say good, "can" and] in and entitled about 0 minutes of voice statement, Bagudadi he said this. Islamic countries have built the nation, still continues to exist, it is still trying to achieve its purpose over the years from the formation. In this moment Islamic countries now, those who that want to join the convoy, and have accepted those who swear via the (loyalty).

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